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Drug Intervention

Drug intervention is the first step that should be taken to urge someone to realize that they have a drug addiction problem. This process is a wake up call to an addict to get them to see how the drugs are effecting their life and the lives of the people around them. When a person is using drugs they rarely think that their drug use has gotten out of control. It usually takes someone else to step it up and try to talk to the the user about the problems that their drug use is causing.

Drug intervention can start with a group of family and friends trying to make the drug user look at his or her situation and realize that they are in need of help. Frequently it will take professional help from a drug intervention specialist who can come in and help the user and his or her support group to address the addiction. Drug intervention specialists can help the user as well as their support network of family and friends to see things that haven’t been seen or thought about before.

A drug intervention specialist can help the drug user to see things more clearly because they have a non-judgemental, objective approach. Drug intervention professionals are there to help identify the problems created by the addiction.  They can help the addict to realize the extent of what will happen if they continue on the same destructive path. The salient points brought out by a drug intervention specialist often make the individual aware of the results of what this drug addiction has done to him, as well as to his family and friends.

When you are able to get a drug addiction intervention initiated and get the addicted person to sit down and go through the process of loved ones talking about what the addiction is doing to them and to the addicted individual, you will be getting to the root of the problem. The drug intervention specialist will be able to guide this intervention and give feed back that is very much needed from an outside entity.

If you want to plan a drug intervention, we have addiction facilities and staff available and willing to help you get started. They can tell you exactly what you need to do and when you need to do it. Just call and speak with a drug intervention specialist to get the answers that you are looking for related to your situation involving drug addiction. 

Initial steps to address addiction:
1.    Stop trying to rescue the drug abuser.
2.    Let the abuser face the situation.
3.    Talk to the addicted person when they are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
4.    Tell them why you are concerned and give them specific examples of real life situations.
5.    Show them how help will rescue them and make their life better.
6.    Listen to the drug abuser and let them talk things out too.
7.    Seek qualified professional assistance.

Hopefully the addict will be able to see their need for help and take responsibility to begin turning their life around.

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