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Goals and Objectives

Goals – The Last Resort’s overarching goal is to provide the opportunity for all young people in our care to realize their true potential and become successful and productive members of society.  Our other goals are:

- Help adolescents develop new and more effective problem solving strategies.

- Motivate and encourage adolescents to achieve and sustain abstinence.
- Assist young people to recognize and acknowledge the existence of destructive behaviors

- Assist teens recognize mental health issues that have had an impact on family, friends and their own future.

Objectives – The Last Resorts’ primary objective is to increase client's insight on all concepts related to chemical dependency and recovery, to include disease concept, powerlessness, denial, first step, program tools, cross-addiction, feelings, defenses, relapse triggers and recovery roadblocks. Our other goals are:

  • To assist clients in their acceptance of an alcohol and/or drug addiction and increase their awareness of the negative effects of the addiction on their families, personal relationships, careers and within themselves.
  • To provide clients, and their families, with an exposure to Twelve Step Programs to facilitate long-term recovery.
  • To facilitate client's development of a personal recovery program.

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